Boys Tshirt Full Sleeve

Boys Tshirt Full Sleeve

Plastisol is a PVC resin based ink that can be pigmented. We used this printing method on our pure cotton full sleeve kid’s shirts.  Plastisol inks are the standard ink type used in textile printing. Plastisol with boy’s shirts enables to print vivid cartoon designs that catches the eyes of young ones.   Plastisol inks are not affected by the environment, meaning the ink will not cure or dry just by leaving it out in the open air. The above designed is crafted with 10 to 12 number of colours using screen printing method.

From a base plastisol ink, many specialty inks are derived: Metallic inks, Fluorescent, High Density, Puff, Glitter, and Glow in the Dark..Etc.

Advantages of Plastisol:

  • High Detail. The benefit of Plastisol inks is its ability to print fine detail. Making it perfect for graphic designs with line points of 1pt or for distressed ageing textures applied to the design.
  • Vibrant Colours. Plastisol Inks provide the best colour reproduction on both light and dark garments and tends to be the most hard wearing, (also holding its colour over the longest period of time).
  • User friendly. Plastisol inks are a screen printer’s best friend, Plastisol inks do not “dry” in the open air so they can be left in the screen or bucket overnight without drying up.

Largest range of colours. Any reputable screen printing facility should be able to colour match any Pantone colour specified for a design, if they cannot provide this service they will at least have a large amount of pre mixed colours from the ink manufacturer to work with.

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